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Our Mission & Vision
Since its establishment in 1981, South Plastic Industry has focused on developing and manufacturing high-end disposable food containers. In our 30 plus years of experience, we have served the needs of various domestic and overseas companies in finding storage solutions for their food products.
Competitive Advantages
Green Environment Policy

Environmental and Green Initiatives

Since its establishment, SPI h as worked towards reducing its carbon foot print and protecting the resources of our world. All waste and left over materials are sorted and recycled whenever possible. SPI also actively funds research within our R and D department in order to find new materials and to advance the science of plastic food-container materials.

Safety and Security

SPI all steps of production are closely regulated and inspected to maintain a safe environment and a safe and secure product suitable for use as food containers. Since 11/30/2008, SPI has been registered by the NSF-ISR as in compliance with it’s strict ISO-9001:2008 safety standards for producing food safe plastic products.

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