SPI Can Help-Face Shields

SPI Can Help-Face Shields

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread throughout the world, we are pleasure to make the Face Shields and donating to local hospital, medical personnel as giving back to society and supporting our people in Taiwan.

It is all started from the Chairman & CEO, as he saw the Face Shields design shared from the Apple that inspired him charity concept to use with our PET plastic to make the Face Shields. Thanks to APPLE's design sharing to achieve us. We acted quickly to run the largest production capacity to hand-made the Face Shields in weekends which was very time-consuming and laborious in process.

South Plastic ( SPI ) will donate in total 100,000sets of Face Shield continuously in May 2020, which of 50,000sets to domestic medical personnel, institutions and the other 50,000sets will be donated abroad through the Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Before the vaccine appeared, we still needed to maintain social distance, wash hands oftenly, and wear masks to protect ourselves and others.

SPI is always with you, SPI Can Help!!